Sykkuno claims Twitch believes star streamers are “replaceable” amid YouTube exodus

Shay Robson
Sykunno talks on his Twitch stream.

Streaming star Sykkuno has claimed that Twitch believes big streamers are “replaceable” following his unexpected move from the Amazon-owned site to YouTube Gaming.

On May 2, Twitch streamer Sykkuno, with over 4M followers on the platform, followed the footsteps of his peers such as Ludwig, Valkyrae, DrLupo, TimTheTatman, by unveiling his shocking move to YouTube Gaming as the site’s newest exclusive signing

The streaming star explained that the original offer he received from Twitch was “garbage” but they soon matched YouTube’s offer. However, the decision was ultimately a no-brainer, after Twitch messed up with a name blunder by calling him “Sukkuno.”

Now, in a recent podcast, he said he thinks that Twitch believes their biggest creators are “replaceable” as they continue to make the switch away.

Sykkuno_coverSykkuno made a shocking move to YouTube Gaming in early May.

In a recent episode of Sapnap’s and Karl’s podcast on May 5, they talked about the hot topic of Sykkuno leaving Twitch. It was then that Sykkuno opened up about how he thinks that other creators on the Amazon-owned platform are being treated as replaceable.

“I think they’re treating it like creators are just replaceable,” said Sykkuno. “Like they might be right, which is why for me it makes more sense to take deals like that because if I’m replaceable I’m never going to get it again, you know?

“If I’m not replaceable then they might learn their lesson and they’ll hopefully value it more highly next time. So I think it’s just one of those things where they’re trying to see how it ends up.”

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Following Sykkuno’s move to the red side, fellow streamer DisguisedToast revealed he knows that “at least” 5 more Twitch streamers are moving to YouTube. However, he didn’t give any indication as to who the five could be.

With reports pointing towards major revenue changes hitting Twitch this summer, it could give more incentives to others to leave as well. But, we’ll just have to wait and see who ends up jumping ship next.

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