Sweet Anita savagely destroys Twitch viewer after sexist message

Emma Hill
Sweet Anita streaming

Sweet Anita wasn’t going to allow a sexist viewer’s comment to slip by during her livestream. The British streamer slammed the fan after he said that women only care about “money.” 

It’s a sad fact that in 2022, female content creators are still regularly having to face sexist comments made by their viewers or even their fellow streamers. Yet, they always have the best way to clap back and shame their haters.

This was certainly true of Sweet Anita who wasn’t prepared to sit back when a viewer made a sexist comment claiming that women “don’t care about love” they “only care about money.”

She quickly fired back calling the viewer “just unbearable” and slammed him for generalizing all women as sex workers.

Sweet Anita
Sweet Anita quickly fired back at a sexist viewer after he claimed that women “don’t care about love.”

Sweet Anita fires back at sexist viewer

Sweet Anita was livestreaming on April 29, when she read out a comment made by a viewer in her chat which understandably left her annoyed. “Women only want money, I learnt that they don’t care about love,” it said.

The streamer responded: “No. Richard, I hate to break it to you, but you’re just unbearable. If that’s the conclusion that you’ve come to, then the only women that will ever tolerate you are the ones you pay to be there.”

“It’s a bit of a self-fulling proficiency when you generalize women as all sex workers just grubbing for money,” Sweet Anita added. “If you generalize women, the good ones will not like you, and the only ones that will tolerate you are the ones that have something to gain from you that isn’t your personality.”

Sweet Anita also slammed the viewer for generalizing “an entire group of people” after being “spurned” by one person.

This isn’t the first time that Sweet Anita has had to fire back at her fans. Having been open about her Tourette’s syndrome, she has criticized rude trolls for mocking her tics as well as asking her whether she would “cure” her condition.

It’s not often that we see Sweet Anita get angry at the viewers in her chat but understandably, this recent sexist comment left her frustrated. However, like her fellow female creators who also have to face such misogynistic claims, she isn’t letting it get in the way of doing what she loves.

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