Streamer Sweet Anita reveals bizarre questions she gets from Twitch fans

Virginia Glaze

‘Sweet Anita’ is a popular Twitch streamer, best known for her cheeky sense of humor and acute Tourette’s Syndrome — and although she boasts a supportive fanbase, some of her viewers can get a bit too overenthusiastic.

Anita revealed this fact during a broadcast on April 1, after receiving a nice compliment from a viewer who commented on her status as a community figurehead within the Twitch space.

Surprised at the wholesome nature of the comment, Anita thanked the viewer, and also revealed that the kinds of messages she usually gets in her chat are far different.

Twitch streamer “Sweet_Anita” spoke out about the invasive messages she receives from trolls in her chat, and how they affect her when she tries to broadcast.

Instead, Anita claims that the chat messages she generally receives are far less appropriate and quite invasive, usually asking about her relationship status or making lewd passes at her body.

“Sometimes, it can be very wearing and tiring to have the same questions over and over again,” she admitted. “‘Do you have a boyfriend?’ ‘Do you have an Instagram?’ ‘What’s your Snapchat?’ ‘I like your t**s, I like your t**s, do you have a boyfriend?’”

She went on to quote other odd questions she’s received in the past, which included such inquires as, “When was the last time you f**ked anyone?” and, “Do you have tics during sex?”

Sweet Anita skyrocketed to Twitch fame in late 2018, and has been growing ever since, amassing an audience of over 700k followers on the platform.

That isn’t the end of their antics, either: Anita claimed that such users will often spam the messages over and over in her chat, and will even try to donate with their question, so that it will appear on screen and be read aloud by her text-to-speech program.

“They’ll spam it over and over again,” she continued. “And if you ignore it, they’ll try to donate. They’ll try to get it as a question. I’ve seen the dono pop up before the mods mute it.”

Luckily, fans who give Anita genuine feedback and compliments actually keep her “motivated to stay” on Twitch — a comforting fact, after the streamer revealed that she constantly gets asked if she would “cure” her Tourette’s in a previous broadcast.

Despite the haters and trolls, there are viewers out there who make her job worthwhile – ones who aren’t making offensive comments about her personal life in the chat, that is.