Twitch streamer stunned by nasty OnlyFans comments after being nice to stranger

Virginia Glaze

A female Twitch streamer is going viral after receiving a swath of “nasty” replies for simply expressing sympathy for a “random” guy online.

Madison, also known by her online handle ‘Gigglypuff,’ is a software engineer and Harvard graduate who moonlights as a Twitch streamer with over five thousand followers.

Madison has a special affinity for the Pokemon games and other Nintendo titles, and often streams these games alongside other variety content on her channel.

Recently, she found herself going viral after a simple interaction with a “random man” online turned into an unexpected dogpile of negative comments, leaving netizens shocked and confused.

Madison, aka ‘Gigglypuff,’ is a Harvard graduate and Twitch streamer.

Twitch streamer stunned as comments assume she has OnlyFans

On January 31, Madison chimed in on a Twitter/X thread with the topic, “Why do men feel the need to go through things alone?”

In a quote-retweet, a male user responded: “My first girlfriend got the ick when I cried after learning my childhood best friend had terminal cancer at 21.”

Madison felt empathy toward the guy and replied, “That’s so messed up, I’m really sorry that happened.”

In response, Madison received an unexpected swath of negative comments assuming that she was promoting her OnlyFans — even though she doesn’t even have an OnlyFans account.

“Oh my god, shut the f*ck up,” one user commented. “No one wants to pay money to see your sh*tty nudes.”

When another commenter pointed out that she isn’t in that particular line of work, the previous user responded, “She literally has a linktree, my guy.”

While Madison’s Twitter/X profile does boast a linktree, none of the links go out to an OnlyFans account or anything of the sort — something she pointed out in the thread.

Despite her claims to the contrary, Madison was inundated with more comments assuming that she must be lying, with one writing: “A female Twitch streamer named ‘Gigglypuff.’ I’m sure it’s nice, wholesome family fun!”

Still others claimed Madison was “leaving money on the table” by not having an OnlyFans presence and being a “prude” — but she isn’t interested in doing so, and instead directed users toward her website and her Twitch channel.

Madison’s Twitter/X thread documenting the interactions she received on the post has gone viral, amassing nearly 6 million views at the time of writing as commenters pour in on the visceral response her simple comment received.

“Love how he noticed the linktree but not the ‘Harvard graduate,'” one user said about the situation. “Guess we know what he was looking for. Maybe that’s why he’s so upset, couldn’t find what he was looking for.”

“Man, you were even there sympathizing for a guy who got emotionally hurt by bad gendered expectations for men, and he just had to jump in with his misogynistic shtick,” another argued. “This is why we can’t have nice things.”

Madison has made it clear that she’s not interested in starting an OnlyFans account, despite some users thinking she’s losing out on money… something that OF star and Twitch streamer Amouranth said might not be the best career option for female content creators in the long run.