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Sweet Anita slams viewer for asking if she would “cure” her Tourettes

Published: 30/Mar/2020 13:44

by Jacob Hale


Twitch streamer Sweet Anita has never shied away from her Tourettes, seeking to use her Internet popularity to educate people on the disorder – but has now slammed a viewer for asking if she would want to cure it.

Due to her disorder, Anita has had to face some criticism and awkward moments online, be it from fans or people unaware of her condition. However, her viewers and even people new to her content manage to grasp quite quickly that she has Tourette’s, so for the most part conversations are fairly respectful.

That isn’t always the case, though, and one viewer experienced some rare Anita anger after asking a question that she clearly considered disrespectful, and called them out on it.

YouTube: Sweet Anita
Sweet_Anita is a unique face on Twitch, best known for her acute Tourette’s Syndrome and the hilarious moments that arise from the condition.

When someone donated and asked, “if doctors found a Tourette’s cure, would you do it?” Anita took the moment to question their intentions and ask why they thought that was an appropriate question.

After a few moments of silence and pondering, Anita asked: “Do you wander into random disabled streamers’ chat and ask if they want to be cured? Do you walk up to people sitting in wheelchairs and ask if they wish they had legs? If they could reach as high as you can? Do you ever wish you were ‘just like me’?”

She then delivered the final blow, simply saying “I’m gonna say this now, pal – I don’t wish I was like you. I’m cool with myself, I don’t see myself as broken and wish I was just like you because, let’s face it, you’re probably just as broken, just in a different way.”

It’s not often you see Anita get genuinely annoyed at someone, but she clearly has the best intentions as she looks to educate her viewers on the difference between right and wrong when it comes to how to address people facing difficult issues, disabilities or disorders.

In the past, Anita has come under fire for tics that cause her to say controversial things or phrases, with some even calling to have her banned from Twitch, but a representative of the streaming platform later came out to show support and solidarity with her and others like her, saying that they “have a home” at Twitch.

Needless to say, that viewer will think twice next time he decides to ask a streamer a question, especially if it could be deemed insensitive.


NickEh30 gets Twitch streamer banned for allegedly stream sniping

Published: 25/Nov/2020 4:48 Updated: 25/Nov/2020 5:07

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


NickEh30’s latest Fortnite tournament was quite a spectacle, but it was tainted by an alleged stream sniper, who was reported and subsequently banned despite maintaining his innocence.

Nick ‘NickEh30’ Amyoony has been hosting a series of Fortnite tournaments in recent months. The latest one was the NickEh30 Cup. It gave players a chance to compete against some of the game’s biggest names in the scene for a chance to win $10,000.  

It was all positive for the most part. A lesser-known professional Fortnite player named  Crumble managed to impress and take home the prize. However, the tournament was marred with some unfortunate stream sniping drama.

NickEh30 Fortnite stream sniping ban

In the final match, several other players landed on NickEh30, including a Twitch streamer named ArchieFN. He eliminated NickEh30 and danced on his body for the better part of 30 seconds.

NickEh30 was less than impressed and looked disappointed and deflated on stream. It was a stark contrast to his usual upbeat and positive vibe. He was convinced ArchieFN was stream sniping and hopped into the replay mode to report him and a few others.

Fortunately, Epic Games responded almost instantly and banned ArchieFN for 24 hours as soon as he returned to the lobby. You can watch a full recap of the incident below and form your own opinion.

However, ArchieFN is maintaining his innocence. He claimed he wasn’t stream sniping at all. Instead, he said he wanted to “contest someone who wasn’t a tier-one pro” and decided to land on NickEh30 after seeing him land in the same spot during a previous game.

Still, he apologized for what he did and acknowledged that some might find it “scummy.” Sadly, that didn’t stop him from copping a bit of abuse, some of which was needless and extreme.

“Why am I waking up to 600 DMs telling me to kill myself?” he said. “I’m 20, and it doesn’t bother me at all, but the majority of the community is quite younger … you really need to think about what you’re saying to people on the internet.”

In the end, ArchieFN’s Fortnite ban won’t last more than a day. It isn’t too long to wait if he’s innocent, but it’s enough for a wake-up call if he’s guilty.

Either way, The NickEh30 was a success despite the stream sniping drama, and a rightful victor was still crowned.