“Down bad” Twitch mod responds after awkward kiss goes viral

Carver Fisher
down bad Twitch mod

Dilly, a moderator for Twitch streamer supcaitlin, has appeared on her stream once again to address those who thought their awkward on-stream kiss was insulting to him. Viewers didn’t seem to be buying it, however.

supcaitlin’s Twitch mod, Dilly, got a lot more attention than he bargained for after a dono goal for the two of them to kiss was reached on stream. The kiss went viral, leading to others looking into the full stream and the shenanigans the two of them got up to over its duration.

Charlie, aka MoistCr1tiKaL, called it, “an hour and 25 minutes of agonizing, miserable, inhumane torture,” and claimed that the entire stream felt like it was put on purely for him to insult this moderator in his video covering the topic.

Dilly himself came back on stream the next day to address these claims, saying that he’s been treated well by Caitlin and that they’ve had a good time together.

Twitch mod claims on-stream insults were “banter”

The initial clip had many claiming this Twitch mod was “down bad” and “brainwashed” to be interacting with supcaitlin the way that he was, and that he should have some “self respect”.

Dilly, however, seemed completely fine with it and spoke on the matter during a follow-up livestream that featured the two cooking together and talking to chat for a couple hours.

“Cait’s been a great friend to me since I’ve been out here, we’ve had fun every single night. She’s done things she didn’t personally want to do, but, for me, she would do it. And, you know, what we banter or joke about with each other, I won’t take it to heart. Me and her are still friends at the end of the day.”

Caitlin would later address this on stream as well, calling out people in her chat who weren’t happy with the way Dilly seemed to be getting treated.

“You guys don’t even know him, that’s the f***ing crazy part. You guys are so para-social that you guys think you can speak for someone you don’t even f***ing know. It’d be different if you guys were his friends, if you were in his circle and you were saying brainswashed. You guys don’t even know him!” she explained. “But yeah, ok! Keep saying what you guys want.”

This was shortly followed by her insulting him as chat protested, saying to “leave him alone” and “stop treating him like that.”

When replying to a message where someone asked, “You’d rather call him ugly in front of 3000 people instead of be nice?”, supcaitlin had this to say: “I didn’t say he was ugly, I said his hair smells like sh*t. Are you guys deaf? I already said this earlier in the stream; I am very direct, I have no filter. If you want the truth, I will give you the truth.”

She also “paid” Dilly by giving him a pair of her panties after he sniffed them on stream.

That said, there are those who are still rooting for him. One commenter on Charlie’s video put it best: “I want to see Dillys villain arc where he works out, gets shredded, starts his own stream, and absolutely blows up, and gets literally everyone’s approval.”