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Sweet Anita’s Tourette’s tic hits back at rude Twitch trolls

Published: 9/Feb/2020 1:17 Updated: 9/Feb/2020 1:19

by Virginia Glaze


Internet personality and Twitch streamer “Sweet_Anita” is unlike many broadcasters in the space, best known for her acute Tourette’s syndrome and the hilarious situations that arise from it.

While Anita has openly stated that she’s fine with viewers laughing at these funny moments, her unique condition likewise invites unwelcome criticism from those who hope to use these instances as a means to be abusive.


The streamer has undergone extreme outrage in the past due to her Tourette’s, and apparently, the abuse isn’t over just yet, as evidenced by her verbal tic in a February livestream.

Tweet4nita, Twitch
“Sweet_Anita” is a massively popular presence on Twitch, known for her acute Tourette’s syndrome.

Anita was bringing an end to her broadcast when her Tourette’s took over, resulting in a tic that called out trolls using her condition as a way to openly mock and make fun of her, rather than genuinely finding humor in awkward scenarios that arise from the syndrome.


“Let’s laugh at her disability and pretend we’re here for wholesome reasons!” Anita’s tic caused her to say. “Ha! Say d*ck again. Say d*ck again! Say it again, b*tch!”

The statement was obviously borne from Anita’s Tourette’s, as her voice changes pitch when a tic takes over, causing her to say things regarded as offensive or faux-pas in public settings.


The streamer’s tic quickly passed and she wished her viewers a goodbye “for real,” bringing a ceremonious end to a humorously cheeky moment that coincidentally had a serious message for trolls.

Anita has historically been open to discussing her condition, and views her presence on Twitch as a massive platform to spread awareness about Tourette’s and the difficulties people who have the syndrome face in their daily lives.


In fact, the streamer was incredibly gracious when she faced mass backlash after a tic caused her to say a racial slur, with many calling for her to be banned from Twitch over the incident.

However, Anita clarified that she and Twitch are in constant communication, and that staff at the platform are understanding of the fact her Tourette’s may cause her to blurt out certain profanities against her will.

Sweet_Anita, Twitch
Sweet Anita notably forgave streamers who called for her to be banned from Twitch after a tic caused her to blurt out a racial slur.

She continues to grow as a popular face on the website, boasting over 663k followers due to her witty sense of humor and ambition to educate the masses about a condition surrounded in stigma.


Tana Mongeau responds to Teala Dunn kissing her ex Bella Thorne

Published: 7/Oct/2020 15:27

by Alice Hearing


Tana Mongeau has responded to a video of her ex-girlfriend Bella Thorne who was filmed kissing another influencer in a TikTok that’s had millions of views.

Bella Thorne was at Clubhouse BH this week, the creator collective founded by Daisy Keech. The “Shake it Up” actress collaborated with influencer Teala Dunn in TikTok videos.


But in one video she was seen kissing her directly on the lips. The clip has already racked up more than 8 million views and 1.5 million likes.

It’s unsurprising that the pair are hanging out, as Teala and Bella have known each other for several years after both appearing on Shake It Up together. Bella makes regular appearances in influencers’ social media posts and even music videos.

Teala Dunn & Bella Thorne Shake It Up
Instagram: Teala Dunn
Bella Thorne and Teala Dunn both starred in Disney Channel’s Shake It Up

Teala recently joined Clubhouse BH and has come under fire in recent weeks for repeatedly posting TikToks that use the same joke, over and over. Her video with Bella Thorne even plays into the same joke where she begins the video saying: “Fun fact, actually really really sad fact.”

Bella is also the ex-girlfriend of popular YouTuber Tana Mongeau. They dated for over a year but broke up in February 2019, and have thrown shade at each other over social media since.

Tana responded to the kiss by duetting the TikTok from her own account, adding: “People really pretend to be my friend,” and then commented “It’s a joke…kinda? Like?”

@tanamongeaulol##duet with @ttlyteala♬ original sound – TTLYTEALA

TikTokers and other influencers weighed in with their opinions too. Harry Jowsey commented: “What happened last time someone hung out with your ex?” referring to drama between the two and Francesca Farago in September.

Francesca and Tana were rumored to be dating, but they got into a fight after Tana posted a video with Harry, Francesca’s ex-boyfriend.

Another user got over 10,000 likes on one comment under Tana’s TikTok that said: “Teala hasn’t even done anything to me, yet she triggers me so much and idek why.”


Teala herself commented: “Girl what???” Despite claiming her response is a joke. But the pair appeared to have resolved any issues that may have come up after Teala tweeted: “Ummm I freaking love @tanamongeau everything’s fine y’all there’s no drama,” and Tana responded with love heart emojis.

Whether a romance is blossoming between Teala and Bella is yet to be determined.