Sweet Anita’s Tourette’s tic hits back at rude Twitch trolls

Sweet_Anita, Twitch

Internet personality and Twitch streamer “Sweet_Anita” is unlike many broadcasters in the space, best known for her acute Tourette’s syndrome and the hilarious situations that arise from it.

While Anita has openly stated that she’s fine with viewers laughing at these funny moments, her unique condition likewise invites unwelcome criticism from those who hope to use these instances as a means to be abusive.

The streamer has undergone extreme outrage in the past due to her Tourette’s, and apparently, the abuse isn’t over just yet, as evidenced by her verbal tic in a February livestream.

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Tweet4nita, Twitch
“Sweet_Anita” is a massively popular presence on Twitch, known for her acute Tourette’s syndrome.

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Anita was bringing an end to her broadcast when her Tourette’s took over, resulting in a tic that called out trolls using her condition as a way to openly mock and make fun of her, rather than genuinely finding humor in awkward scenarios that arise from the syndrome.

“Let’s laugh at her disability and pretend we’re here for wholesome reasons!” Anita’s tic caused her to say. “Ha! Say d*ck again. Say d*ck again! Say it again, b*tch!”

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The statement was obviously borne from Anita’s Tourette’s, as her voice changes pitch when a tic takes over, causing her to say things regarded as offensive or faux-pas in public settings.

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The streamer’s tic quickly passed and she wished her viewers a goodbye “for real,” bringing a ceremonious end to a humorously cheeky moment that coincidentally had a serious message for trolls.

Anita has historically been open to discussing her condition, and views her presence on Twitch as a massive platform to spread awareness about Tourette’s and the difficulties people who have the syndrome face in their daily lives.

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In fact, the streamer was incredibly gracious when she faced mass backlash after a tic caused her to say a racial slur, with many calling for her to be banned from Twitch over the incident.

However, Anita clarified that she and Twitch are in constant communication, and that staff at the platform are understanding of the fact her Tourette’s may cause her to blurt out certain profanities against her will.

Twitch: Sweet_Anita,
Sweet Anita notably forgave streamers who called for her to be banned from Twitch after a tic caused her to blurt out a racial slur.

She continues to grow as a popular face on the website, boasting over 663k followers due to her witty sense of humor and ambition to educate the masses about a condition surrounded in stigma.

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