Pokimane criticizes Twitch fans with ‘sexist’ double standards over attractive streamers

pokimane-twitch-fans-exist-double-standardsTwitch: Pokimane

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys criticized Twitch fans for having ‘sexist’ double standards over attractive female streamers, claiming people make a much bigger deal about it compared to men in the entertainment space.

Pokimane has been subject to harassment and hate raids so far in 2022. However, it’s not the first time its happened. In December 2020, she hit back at people who claimed viewers only watch her content because of her looks.

She touched on the topic again on January 15, 2022. But this time, she tackled it from a broader perspective. Poki criticized people for holding a female streamer’s attractiveness against them like it’s somehow a bad thing.

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Poki thinks Twitch fans have double standards for attractive female streamers.

“Why is it that people like to hold how attractive someone is against them,” said Poki. “People would be like your viewers only like the way they look, and they want to f**k you.

“For starters, that’s rude and gross. Nobody asked.” 

However, she also doesn’t see the big deal about it. “Even if people do find a female streamer attractive, what’s the issue? What’s wrong with finding someone hot?”

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To illustrate her point, she claimed that famous male actors have fanbases filled with girls who find them attractive. “Who the f**k ever cares,” she scoffed. “No one goes to them and says your fanbase thinks you’re cute.”

Yet, she argued that there are double standards for female streamers. “Why is that used as a means to discredit female streamers’ work? That is what I don’t understand. They never go you’re a sh*t actor because your audience thinks you’re cute.”

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Her final point was that if someone has a fanbase who gravitated towards them because they’re attractive, it just means they are attractive. It doesn’t take anything away from their ability and credibility.

“Why are you mad? Since when is being hot a bad thing? It’s so odd.” She wasn’t explicitly talking about herself.

Poki has been considered one of the platform’s most attractive streamers — at least according to xQc — but the streamer believes that doesn’t take away from her argument.

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