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Streamers react to Eminem’s surprise album “Music to be Murdered By”

Published: 17/Jan/2020 17:55 Updated: 17/Jan/2020 17:56

by Eli Becht


On January 17, rapper Eminem dropped a surprise album, “Music to be Murdered By,” and now that people have had some time to listen to it, the reactions are pouring in.

It’s a hip-hop fan’s delight as a new Mac Miller and Eminem album released on the same day, giving them a lot of new music to listen to.

Many streamers and esports pros like to listen to music while they game, so this gives them a perfect opportunity to do so.

Since the album has been out long enough for people to listen to it several times by now, opinions are starting to come out.


The general consensus of Eminem himself is his older stuff is considered to be better than his newer albums. His surprise release of “Kamikaze” in 2018 was looked at as somewhat of a return to form, but he has been silent since then.

That album was released without any publicity and still got a lot of hype, so the Detroit rapper was likely hoping for the same thing with this new one.

For the most part, it’s looking like fans have been enjoying it. One particular standout from the album is “Darkness,” which is a song that recreates the 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas and calls for stricter gun control in the United States.


While a lot of people will find themselves focusing on the message of that song, there are several other songs that streamers are enjoying, including Godzilla.

All in all, it sounds like this is shaping up to be a solid return to form for the 47-year-old rapper by these responses.

Of course, the album has its share of critics from the streaming community, and they made their voices heard as well.

Call of Duty League analyst Anthony ‘Nameless’ Wheeler calls the album one of the “worst listens top to bottom” he’s ever heard of a rap album.

On top of that, many fans are criticizing the rapper’s decision to use a lyric that references the Manchester Arena bombing during an Ariana Grande concert that left 22 people dead.


Music opinions tend to change upon relistens of an album, so we’ll have to see if any of these takes change in the future.

In the meantime, you can listen to Eminem’s new album and form your own opinion.