Streamer Novaruu banned on Twitch for a second time

Bill Cooney
Novaruu banned on Twitch

Just Chatting streamer ‘Novaruu’ has been hit with the ban hammer a second time by Twitch, but the cause behind it is not quite clear.

Novaruu is a popular personality on Twitch’s ever-growing Just Chatting category, but she’s currently unable to stream after the platform banned her channel on Oct. 19.

It’s her second time being banned from the platform, after running afoul of a little-known Twitch rule back in 2019. That suspension only lasted for three days – the same amount of time as her latest one, as well.

“Everyone is asking me why I was banned on Twitch and I really dont know,” Novaruu wrote on Twitter. “Thankfully, it’s only 3 days.”

As we mentioned, the Texan streamer has been banned for the same amount of time from Twitch before in December of 2019 – bizarrely enough for “operating a contest or giveaway that violates Twitch Terms of Service,” according to the site, because she raffled off hand-painted birdhouses.

“How does raffling off a birdhouse and nudity have the same [ban length]?” She questioned back in 2019 comparing her situation to other streamers – but now, there’s no clear cut reason why she’s locked out.

An image of Twitch streamer Novaruu
Novaruu is a popular streamer who can usually be found in Twitch’s Just Chatting section.

After streaming Phasmophobia and chatting with viewers the night before, her channel disappeared from Twitch on the morning of Oct. 19 with the ban officially announced soon after.

While Nova was caught off-guard, her fans seemed confused as well, with many commenting that there didn’t seem to have been anything shown during her recent streams that would land her in hot water with the site.

Streaming on Twitch in the Just Chatting category to around 1,000 viewers every day, she’s also a partner, with around 100,000 followers on the platform and 54,000 followers on Twitter. She’ll most likely return to Twitch after her three-day suspension is completed on Oct. 22, or earlier if she appeals and is successful.

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