Streamer mortified after raging at real pizza guy he thought was a troll

Michael Gwilliam

Twitch streamer Dwight_LOL was left humiliated after he started screaming at a pizza delivery driver who he thought was a viewer trying to prank him.

During Dwight’s broadcast on March 16, he put his phone number as the title of his stream, asking random viewers to call him as entertainment. While the Runescape streamer was down to talk with his supporters and engage with them, things quickly got a bit out of hand.

After a pizza delivery driver showed up at his house, Dwight’s mother told him to go away. The driver then ended up calling the streamer directly, but Dwight believed it was a viewer trying to prank him.

Dwight was playing Runescape when the pizza driver called.

“This is a pizza delivery driver. I don’t know if I’m on the right street,” the driver said. “I just knocked on the door, but there’s no one named Anthony.”

“Listen, you’re a f**king troll!” Dwight blasted. “My mother just answered the door and told the pizza man to f**k off so listen, you’re not on my street. Shut the f**k up.”

Confused, the delivery driver kept his cool despite being berated. “So I’m not in the right area?”

“Did you order pizza to my house?!” Dwight cried.

Just then, the Runescape player’s sibling could be heard on the other end talking to the driver. “My brother streams video games,” he explained. “I think one of his viewers did it.”

While this was going on, Dwight’s face started to grow pale.

The streamer’s siblings then suggested that the driver put his house on a list that will only deliver if the pizza is paid for in advance.

“I’m sorry for cussing you out, man!” Dwight embarrassedly apologized. “I thought you were prank calling me.”

“No, no. I was supposed to deliver a pizza and I don’t know what happened,” the driver sighed.

The whole incident was extremely bizarre and probably a good lesson for any streamers or future entertainers: don’t give away your phone number on stream unless you’re willing to deal with the consequences.

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