Twitch streamer explains why ‘simping’ is bad for men and women


Twitch streamer Annarf hammered home a point about “simping” and treating women differently because they’re women during a March 15 broadcast.

The Canadian streamer was playing Diablo 3 when her chat started joking about how all women are “queens,” something that Annarf disagreed profusely with.

“Women don’t need to be praised based on the fact that we’re women,” she explained. “Just treat women like you treat men. Respect them.”

Annarf called out “simps” during a Twitch stream.

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She then turned her attention to the concept of “simping.” Simps are basically men who overvalue women and do or say things they may not agree with because they believe a woman would want them to.

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“I dislike this odd need to put women on a pedestal. I think it creates really bad mentalities in women and women start becoming c**ts because they’re so entitled because men treat them differently. Stop treating women differently,” Annarf urged.

“She’s a b**ch? Treat her like a b**ch. She’s a good person? Treat her like a good person,” the streamer continued. “Stop making a big deal over women being women. It’s pathetic and it only makes us worse as people.”

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According to Annarf, women become entitled when “simps” treat them like queens for no reason other than the fact that they’re women.

“She becomes under the impression that it’s normal,” the Canadian added. “When it doesn’t become normal for her, she’s pissed off. And then you guys are pissed off because she’s acting entitled.”

Basically, the moral and point Annarf was getting at was for men to stop treating women differently so that they’ll stop thinking they’re special. According to the streamer, the men who treat women differently are responsible for certain “entitled” attitudes.

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Annarf isn’t the first personality to rally against so-called simps. As Dexerto previously reported, PewDiePie joking called out viewers who donated to streamers such as Pokimane and BadBunny.

Meanwhile, rising streamer and TikToker neekolul claimed that there was nothing wrong with simping and “worshipping” girls. “Simping isn’t bad. Simping is king s**t,” she said in a viral clip.

It would seem like there are many different opinions on the topic, and this debate isn’t going to end any time soon.

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