Metal band livestreams entire concert free on Twitch due to coronavirus

Twitch: codeorangeofficial

Code Orange livestreamed a full concert for free on Twitch after their album release show was called off due to ongoing coronavirus concerns.

Having released their new full-length album, ‘Underneath,’ on March 13, Code Orange was set to perform in front of a hometown crowd to celebrate. Due to the concerns around COVID-19, however, the show was scrapped at the last minute.

Rather than canceling their plans entirely, the American hardcore band took to the stage in Pittsburgh regardless, and performed in an empty arena while thousands of fans tuned in from all around the world on Twitch.

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“This show was going to be a cathartic release of all the hard work that has been put in over our band’s long career,” a March 14 statement read as the band announced the cancellation of its show. Instead, they revealed plans to perform “in an empty venue” while live on Twitch.

Taking to the global stage the next day, the hardcore band performed for just under an hour as more than 10,000 unique viewers tuned in. 

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Rattling off heavy hitters from the new record, the performance was complemented by a high-budget production with multiple camera angles, special effect overlays to help set the tone, as well as all of the other lighting and visual effects you’d expect to see at a concert.

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While the livestream turned an extreme negative into a positive and allowed fans around the world to experience their first show since going off the road to create ‘Underneath,’ the artists have all been hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak.

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“At the end of the day, we’re fu****,” lead vocalist Jami Morgan outlined in an interview with popular YouTuber Anthony Fantano.

 “We’re trying to figure stuff out. We have what I would call a ‘little bit of a solution’ that I think will be pretty cool. But yeah, it’s been hell.”

Depending largely on ticket sales and merchandise revenue, not being able to tour and promote the latest record would be a huge hit for any band, though it seems Code Orange has a backup plan in place. Perhaps more shows will be streamed on Twitch soon in order for fans to show their support. 

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You can listen to the brand new Code Orange album in full through your streaming platform of choice, and buy merchandise to support the artists too. 

Code Orange aren’t the only musicians to take to the internet in the wake of the coronavirus. British music label, Defected Records, also recently announced an entire ‘virtual’ festival that will be taking place on March 20 to make up for a lack of live shows while people around the world go into quarantine.

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