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PewDiePie mocks YouTubers trying to hop on Coronavirus trend

Published: 17/Mar/2020 16:36

by Connor Bennett


Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg has called out a number of fellow YouTubers who have been offering up advice during the Coronavirus outbreak despite admitting that they are not “experts.”

With the Coronavirus sweeping across the globe, forcing cancellations to public events, shutting down sports leagues, and leading to countries going on mandatory lockdowns, the internet is still doing its best to entertain – be it through content like YouTube and Twitch or having esports in the place of other sports.

However, as the situation with the outbreak has continued to worsen, many people have been chiming in with advice – be it off their own back or through what they’ve seen in the media. This includes YouTubers, who despite admitting they aren’t fully knowledgeable about what is happening, still want to create content.

YouTube: PewDiePie
PewDiePie isn’t a fan of the “I’m not an expert” line.

Instead, they’ve found themselves on the receiving end of a roast from PewDiePie, who has turned their own videos about the pandemic against them.

Posting on his YouTube story via the mobile app, the Swede said: “I really like all the Corona videos that YouTubers are making now for whatever reason. They all start them off with ‘I am not expert guys.’ Like, really? You don’t f**king say you’re not a Coronavirus expert!”

Pewds himself has made satirical videos about the current pandemic, though he isn’t in the business of using the “I’m not an expert” line. Instead, he chose to poke fun at people who had gone a bit too far in panic-buying, jokingly saying that those who hadn’t “stocked up with at least 500 toilet paper rolls” were in trouble.

In another story post, the YouTube star revealed that he is spending time during the outbreak by going on an anime “binge,” with a photo of himself watching Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure attached. 

PewDiePie revealed what he has been doing during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Of course, as more and more people seek advice in the time of crisis, there might be more YouTubers who try and give their two cents worth.

Though, they may not want to bother, because they could always find themselves ending up on an episode of Meme Review in the future.


Mr Beast gives away $10k in most ridiculous Minecraft challenge yet

Published: 28/Nov/2020 13:12

by Daniel Cleary


YouTube star Jimmy ‘Mr Beast’ Donaldson has given away another massive prize worth $10,000 to one random player in his latest Minecraft survival challenge.

Mr Beast is one of the biggest content creators on YouTube and is well known for his generosity, giving hundreds of thousands of dollars away to strangers in some of his past uploads.

During his latest video on his gaming channel, Mr Beast Gaming, the YouTuber revealed that he would be hosting a bizarre Minecraft challenge with a whopping $10,000 Subway gift card up for grabs.

Mr beast hosting a challenge video
Mr Beast, YouTube
Mr Beast has hosted plenty of unique challenge videos on his YouTube channel.

In one of his most ridiculous challenges yet, Mr Beast explained that this survival challenge would have plenty of interesting twists and turns before the winner was decided.

While it appeared to start off as a regular Minecraft ‘Hunger Games’ match, Mr Beast did not tell those participating that, instead of the border closing in on them from all sides, lava would begin to fill the map from down below.

This secret change seemed to catch plenty of players off-guard, after many of them immediately trekked down to the mines, in an attempt to gear up with diamond armor and equipment.

Mr Beast, who was spectating all of the action from above, would also spice things up by dropping rare pieces of equipment in front of a group to incentivize more fights.

In another twist, the YouTuber shared that the final player standing would not win anything, and that the full $10,000 Subway gift card would go to the person in 2nd place instead.

The final stage of the challenge was extremely close, with the last few players all falling into the lava at the exact same time. It was AltirixGaming though, the one who managed to claim the $10,000 prize.

Mr Beast has hosted other unique challenges on the sandbox title, such as his recent video where he gathered more players for an epic $50,000 Minecraft building competition.