Streamer left shocked as Ice-T’s son cuts off her hair in TwitchCon “prank”

Virginia Glaze

Ice-T’s son, Tracy Marrow Jr, is facing backlash after cutting a streamer’s hair as a “prank” during a TwitchCon party, leaving the broadcaster stunned.

TwitchCon Las Vegas is officially in the books. Taking place from October 20 – 22, the event brought together Twitch’s top talent for a weekend of community and collaboration in Sin City.

While there were plenty of hilarious and heartwarming highlights that took place over the weekend — including one Twitch streamer’s tear-jerking proposal — some drama also happened amidst the celebrations.

One moment in particular is going viral for all the wrong reasons after the son of a major celebrity cut off a streamer’s hair in an ill-received “prank.”

TwitchCon 2023
TwitchCon 2023 saw a ton of fun and hilarious moments that happened over the weekend – but one clip is going viral for all the wrong reasons.

Ice-T’s son cuts off Twitch streamer’s hair in “prank”

When TwitchCon is happening, it’s not uncommon to see streamers gather together to live stream any parties they might be attending at or around the event.

This was the case for Twitch streamer Malek_04, who was broadcasting at a house party over the weekend.

During her stream, the son of American rapper and actor Ice-T, Tracy Marrow Jr, walked up to Malek holding a pair of scissors and cut off the ends of her hair while she stood in front of the camera eating an orange.

“Wait, what the f*ck?” Malek exclaimed after she realized what was happening, quickly backing away from Tracy.

“What the f*ck, man?” another person can be heard saying off-camera.

“Yo, who wants it?” Tracy said, holding up the wad of hair to the camera with a smile.

Although the rest of Malek’s VOD is unavailable to watch on Twitch, she was later seen crying further on in the broadcast – but viewers claim her tears may have been the result of a different situation.

Other viewers pointed out that cutting off someone’s hair without their consent can be considered assault, which could result in jail time, should the victim choose to pursue legal avenues.

Malek has yet to speak about the incident on social media at the time of writing, leaving viewers waiting for answers.