MayaHiga left in tears as fans donate thousands to charity Twitch stream

Connor Bennett

Popular Twitch streamer MayaHiga was left in tears when her community managed to raise over $1,000 during a charity stream for Rhinos.

Aside from being a popular streamer who attracts thousands of viewers to her broadcasts, MayaHiga is also an animal lover who has had plenty of creatures on her stream in the past. 

Ever since growing a fanbase, she has tried to educate fans on animals and conservation of endangered species – even launching a special ‘Conservation Cast’ series where she raises money for different charities. Yet, as she brought it back after a brief break, the streamer was left stunned by the incredible generosity of her viewers.

Twitter: MayaHigaMayaHiga has made no bones about her love for different types of animals on her streams.

During her Friday, October 4 stream, the popular Just Chatting streamer had been bidding to raise money for the Save the Rhino charity, asking her viewers to help out with donations. As she went on, Maya had conversations with charity workers, explaining why it was such a worthwhile cause and how the money would help.

As she edged towards her $1000 target, viewers dropped a number of hefty donations, leaving Maya pretty speechless and overwhelmed with emotion – even though she was supposed to carry on the conversation. 

Instead, the popular streamer was left with her head in her hands as she remained in disbelief and wiping away tears.

But the tears weren’t stopping yet. As Maya’s broadcast came to a close, she issued an emotional message of thanks to her viewers about how they had helped her fulfill a dream for helping that was a passion of hers.

“It blows my mind that I can just sit here and talk to you guys, talk to these incredible, passionate, knowledgeable people about important things I would love to listen to in my own time anyway,” she said.

Maya recently surpassed 100,000 followers on the platform, an impressive feat considering she only really began to gain traction midway through 2019.

As her viewers have shown that they will support her endeavors outside of Just Chatting and playing games, we can probably expect the Conservation Cast to continue on, perhaps more regularly.