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Streamer crashes car while reading Twitch chat behind the wheel

Published: 21/Mar/2021 13:23

by Calum Patterson


A Twitch streamer accidentally drove their car straight into a parking barrier because they were presumably distracted by reading messages in the chat – a potentially bannable offense on the platform.

Twitch has taken a very strong stance on driving streams in the past for this very reason, as a number of incidents have put people in danger.

Even some big names on the platform, including Hasan Piker, have faced suspensions for streaming from their vehicle.

In 2019, the platform banned a handful of broadcasters for dangerous driving streams, including one where the driver used her knees on the steering wheel while eating ice cream and talking to viewers.


Hasan banned
Twitch: HasanAbi
HasanAbi was banned for “interacting with streaming equipment while driving” in 2019.

Clearly, Twitch does not want to be seen as promoting or even allowing streamers to broadcast while in control of a vehicle, as it could pose a danger not only to the streamer but also bystanders.

Thankfully, in this latest incident on March 21, no one was injured – but the streamer in question did badly damage a barrier at a parking lot.

As streamer AudiGames was exiting the lot, he seemed totally oblivious to the upcoming barrier, driving straight into it at a low speed.

The streamer, based in Lithuania, reversed back in and then got out to check the extent of the damage.


Thankfully, the electronic barrier was still functional, and let him drive away unscathed and without any serious repercussions.

Regardless, Twitch will likely not look fondly upon the incident, especially if it was because he was distracted by reading viewers’ messages in the chat.

Generally, driving streams are discouraged for this very reason, and suspensions are not out of the question. Having said that, there are many channels that broadcast from behind the wheel with no issues.