Twitch bans multiple streamers following reckless driving broadcasts

BriandKatie, Pajalockk - Twitch

Thanks to the advent of IRL streaming, internet personalities are free to broadcast their daily lives for their viewers to see – which can sometimes result in the unfortunate documentation of embarrassing moments and even illegal activity.

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While it depends on the state, reckless driving can be classified as a felony in the United States, and is considered a major moving traffic violation, punishable by fines and even imprisonment.

Although it’s not part of Twitch’s usual fare, some IRL streamers broadcast their trips on the road – which can end up documenting their terrible driving skills in the process.

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FreepikSome streamers choose to broadcast their trips on the road – which can end up documenting their reckless driving.

Twitch streamers and sisters ‘BriandKatie’ were part of one such stream during their drive to VidCon on July 10, which showed the driver (Bri Teresi) eating a pint of ice cream with both hands while using her knees to move the steering wheel.

Bri was also constantly looking over at her sister’s (Katie Teresi) phone during their drive, even reaching across the cab to adjust their camera.

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Thankfully, Bri’s distracted driving did not go unpunished, as the sisters’ joint channel was temporarily suspended eight hours after the offending broadcast went live, which Bri acknowledged with a solemn Tweet.

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“Our channel got striked on Twitch because I was not being the best driver,” she wrote. “I’m sorry guys, I won’t be distracted while driving again. I realize how stupid & reckless it is.”

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The sisters were allegedly given a seven-day ban following their short-lived strike from the site – but they wouldn’t be the first to be punished for driving recklessly, either.

Travel and Outdoor streamer ‘pajalockk’ was likewise hit with the ban hammer after nearly running over pedestrians on two separate occasions during a livestreamed drive on June 10 – all within a span of thirty seconds.

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Popular IRL streamer Mitch Jones was similarly banned from Twitch after looking down at his phone during a livestreamed drive in late June – a punishment that he ultimately “agreed” with.

However, Jones’ housemate and fellow streamer ‘Kbubblez’ has likewise come under fire for her horrendous driving skills, as shown in a nail-biting clip taken from Jones’ stream where she ran two stop signs and nearly rammed into another car.

While it’s unlikely that Kbubblez will receive a ban for traffic violations (as she wasn’t streaming), it’s clear that Twitch is cracking down on reckless driving on the platform: a development that will hopefully lend greater awareness to safe driving in future broadcasts.

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