Teen boy pulls knife on IRL streamer after asking for money

Virginia Glaze
twitch-streamer-threatened-knife-norway-teensTwitch: Mystixx

A 15-year-old boy pulled a knife on an IRL streamer in Norway after asking the broadcaster for money, leading to a tense altercation that allegedly got the police involved.

IRL streams are known for capturing some seriously wild and even terrifying moments in real time as viewers watch from the comfort of their homes.

In the past, we’ve covered a slew of frightening incidents that took place during IRL streams. Earlier this year a broadcaster was attacked by an angry man for filming in a park, while another streamer caught a woman’s purse getting snatched by thieves outside a designer store.

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However, the latest hair-raising situation to take place during an IRL stream saw the cops get involved after a youngster pulled a knife on a streamer in Norway.

Twitch streamer threatened by knife-wielding stranger

Norwegian Twitch streamer Mystixx was broadcasting outside on September 28 when he was approached by a teen boy wearing a bright red tracksuit. According to viewers, the teen had asked Mystixx for money, to which the streamer allegedly told him to sell his tracksuit for cash.

This seemed to anger the youngster, who approached the streamer with a knife while yelling at him over the perceived insult.

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The streamer warned the teen that he was being recorded, while an accompanying friend of the tracksuit-wearing knife-wielder begged their buddy to calm down.

Later clips from the stream appear to show the trio resolving the situation — but viewers claim that police showed up on the scene and have been in contact with the streamer as a result of the ordeal.

Norwegian news outlets also report that a teen boy is being investigated after a slew of similar incidents occurred outside Berja Senter, a shopping mall in Kongsberg, Norway.

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Reports state that law enforcement “got control” of a fifteen-year-old boy who threatened other youths with a knife on Thursday, September 28, but say no one was physically injured.

This isn’t the first time an IRL streamer has been threatened with a knife. Back in July, Norwegian streamer Knut was also threatened by a knife-wielding stranger during his trip to Paris for TwitchCon.

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