Twitch CEO reveals new TikTok-like feature with a feed full of hot tub streamers

Jeremy Gan
Dan Clancy besides Twitch showcase screenshot

Twitch’s CEO has revealed a new TikTok-like feature and while doing so, was made fun of for having a feed filled with hot tub streamers during the showcase. 

Ever since Dan Clancy took the reins as Twitch’s CEO, the streaming platform has made a lot of massive changes and additions, from allowing perma ban streamers to appeal, to the controversial nudity guideline changes

Despite some missteps, Twitch has been adding tons of new stuff, and now one of the biggest features the platform rolled out is a TikTok-like feature that lets viewers scroll through streams and clips vertically. 

Clancy showcased the new feature in an interview with Twitch streamer ‘NateGentile7‘, but was clowned on by viewers as his feed was filled with hot tub streamers. 

As Clancy explained in the interview, Twitch was working on making sure the mobile experience of viewing was as optimized as it could be — which meant improving the mobile app to act similarly to TikTok and Instagram. 

The feature allows users to scroll through livestreams and clips the way you would on TikTok (albeit viewing a landscape video vertically), and also allows streamers to post stories the way you would on Instagram.

As Clancy showed an experimental version of the Twitch mobile app that almost acts like TikTok on his phone, viewers immediately realized that his feed — especially his clips and stories feeds — were filled with hot tub streamers. 

The Twitch chat was filled with laughter at Clancy’s feed, with plenty of “jajaja” from Nate’s Spanish viewers. A post on the LivestreamFail subreddit discussing the clip was also equally brutal in its jokes about Clancy’s recommended feed.

“He’s a man for the people,” a viewer said. Another said, “That’s one horny old man.”

A third pointed out that the reason why they were all appearing on his feed is that he follows them, calling it “insane”.

“Oh so that’s why they don’t get permabanned!” a viewer joked.

Despite the hilarity, Clancy says he knows the change will be divisive for many users, but they need to think about how to make the app more intuitive for mobile users.

“Whenever you change an app that hardcore users are used to, nobody likes change. But the reality is we think of our streamers, and we need to make Twitch work for those 15-year-olds that are just starting to use Twitch today.”

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