Sommer Ray and Tayler Holder spotted together despite breakup drama

Instagram: TaylerHolder/Instagram: SommerRay

Popular fitness model Sommer Ray and TikTok star Tayler Holder were spotted together after rumors started flying that they had apparently broken up after unfollowing each other on Instagram.

TikTok has created a whole new wave of stars, and as they gain popularity, fans want to know what they’re doing away from the quick videos. In the case of Tayler Holder, fans have desperate to get the ins and outs of his relationships.

In recent weeks, he’s created a whole host of TikToks alongside model Sommer Ray, with Bryce Hall even adding to the speculation that they were romantically involved. Though, following talk of a break-up as they apparently unfollowed each on Instagram and deleted a number of TikToks, the pair were spotted together once again.

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Instagram: sommerray2
Sommer has built up a huge online following on Instagram, while Holder’s main audience is on TikTok.

They were caught together in Beverly Hills by The Hollywood Fix, who immediately quizzed Sommer and Tayler on their relationship. “We’re just friends man,” Tayler said, before Sommer chimed in with “friendship goals.”

The pair brushed off suggestions of a collective name for their supposed relationship, and joked that if they were to release merch together, they’d only go as far as dropping friendship bracelets. “Bestie merch,” Sommer added as the pair laughed about what they’d just been asked. 

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Obviously, for some fans, seeing the pair together again will no doubt reignite talk that their summer sling is back on. Though, Sommer and Tayler were pretty steadfast in the answers that they are only friends.

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Whether or not they will continue being cryptic about things, very much remains to be seen. Though, fans will be keeping their eyes peeled for any sort of hint about them confirming they’re back together – be it a new TikTok, a refollow on Instagram, or a few less vague posts on social media. Everyone will just have to wait and see what unfolds.