Sommer Ray calls out “disrespect” amid Tayler Holder breakup drama

Instagram: sommerray2, taylerholder

Popular fitness model Sommer Ray has had a well-documented but short-lived romance with TikTok sensation Tayler Holder in recent weeks, but she’s now called out “disrespect” in a cryptic tweet that seemed to be aimed at him.

Sommer and Tayler made a number of TikTok videos together throughout May and June and they seemed to grow very close, something heavily hinted at by Sway House member Bryce Hall.

Just a couple of weeks later though, it looked as if their summer fling was as good as over, with the two unfollowing each other on Instagram and a series of tweets that seemed to fit within the context.

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Instagram: sommerray2
Sommer has built up a huge online following on Instagram, while Holder’s main audience is on TikTok.

Now, another tweet has come out that many fans of the former couple believe to be aimed at Tayler – and Sommer definitely isn’t happy about whatever has happened.

Although no reason has been given for why the two ended their relationship so soon, having kept it somewhat private and not spoken publicly on any details of their relationship, it definitely looks like someone acted out of line.

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The new tweet, which Sommer posted in the early hours of June 16, manages to say a whole lot in very few words.

“Your apology needs to be as loud as your disrespect was,” she demands in the cryptic tweet, which many believe is aimed at Tayler.

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If this is about Holder and their relationship, then the implication is clear: she believes that he has wronged her, and while he’s apologized, the apology itself simply isn’t up to scratch.

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Neither party has explained what went wrong in what seemed to be a blossoming relationship, but with the way they separated so quickly and suddenly, many believe it to have been a pretty big problem.

We might not ever find out unless either Tayler or Sommer decide to speak out, so followers will just have to remain in the dark for now.