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Former Hype House member Darianka apologizes after bullying scandal

Published: 22/Jun/2020 12:07

by Alice Hearing


Disgraced TikTokker Darianka Sanchez has issued an apology on her Instagram story after she was called out for bullying online.

Darianka is a Costa Rican model who gained over one million followers on TikTok for lip-syncing and dancing. It was confirmed she had joined the Hype House in the first week of June.

Soon after Darianka moved into the TikTok collab house, a video of former Dance Moms star Kenzie Ziegler resurfaced on Instagram from 2015. She spoke about being bullied and hacked by Darianka, linking her to an incident in which Kenzie and Maddie Ziegler’s iCloud accounts were compromised.

Darianka wearing Hype House merchandise
Instagram: Darianka Sanchez
Darianka was kicked out of the Hype House

Several other accusations followed, accusing Darianka of bullying, manipulation, cheating, and even crime. Screenshots posted by Instagram ‘tea’ accounts alleged that Darianka had been arrested.

Within less than a week, fans began to speculate that she had been kicked out of the Hype House as quickly as she had moved in, after she was no longer appearing in pictures or videos from other members. A comment on the Hype House’s TikTok account later confirmed that the rumors were true.

Darianka initially posted to her story in the aftermath stating that she was sorry, that she is not the same person anymore and that she has room still to ‘grow.’ But now she has posted to her Instagram story issuing an extended and more formal apology.

She said: “I’m not the same person that I was 4/5/6 years ago. I know I’ve made mistakes in the past but I have grown and matured from them since then.

“I’ve been accused of some pretty serious and illegal things and I just want to say you shouldn’t believe everything you see on the internet. I have never been arrested and I do not have a criminal background. There have been DMs and text messages going around that are just not real and it’s very easy to fake and manipulate those things.

“Something that’s really important for me to address is there is a picture of me going around from when I was 14 years old with a mud mask on and I have been accused of blackface. This was never my intention, it was just a face mask but I’m sorry if it offended anybody.

“…Words do hurt, and it’s never okay to DM and tell them to kill themselves. It’s never okay to leak someone’s phone number or home address. Those things are considered cyberbullying and I want to use my platform to advocate against cyberbullying.

“I hope you guys can see that I’m not the same person I was a long time ago and that I’m continuing to grow as a person.

Darianka has since been replaced in the Hype House by her close friend Olivia Ponton.

Call of Duty

Souja Boy pops off in hilarious Black Ops Cold War Twitch victory speech

Published: 23/Nov/2020 18:15

by Michael Gwilliam


Rapper turned popular Twitch streamer Soulja Boy went on a hilarious rant-like victory speech after he dominated the opposition in a match of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

After loading into the Crossroads map for a little free for all action, the rapper took no prisoners, destroying the other members of the lobby with ease.

By the time Soulja landed the final kill bringing his score to 30, the player back in second place had a mere 22 making the streamer’s performance even crazier.

Soulja himself was over the moon with his play and boasted his insane skills in an epic speech where he shouted at the top of his lungs.

Soulja Boy pops off in Cold War
Soulja Boy was hyped after winning the round.

“Let’s f**king go! I’m in beast mode! I’m at f**king beast mode!” he screamed in glory. “Stop playin’ with me! That’s what I do! When I get in that mode!”

As the 30-year-old continued his hyped speech, the “Best Play” was being shown in the background documenting the streamer’s series of frags.

Throughout the clip, Soulja manages to pick up three kills in quick succession padding his lead. Amusingly, some in his chat thought that the game was too dominant and he was playing against AI.

“Of course when a [person] winning they’re going to say it’s bots!” he smirked. “I’m so motherf***ing raw I make these [people] look like bots! Look up them Gamer Tags and DM then and ask them if they’re bots!”

Needless to say, Soulja Boy’s confidence was really something else and being able to back up the trash talk with big wins just makes it so much sweeter.

Of course, if you want, you can use Soulja’s loadout in your own games and see if it makes you pop off as hard as him. For his primary weapon, he opts for the MP5 with the Duckbill Choke, Millstop Reflex, +22 extended, 6RND Tube and Steady Aim Laser.

BOCW campaign bots
Soulja Boy was making opponents look like bots from the campaign.

His secondary is the Hauer 77. For equipment, he opts for stuns, semtex, and proximity mine. Finally, for perks and Wildcard he uses Paranoia, Gearhead and Ghost equipped with Danger Close.

Give it a shot and see if you can get on Soulja Boy’s level.