Why fans think Tayler Holder and Sommer Ray’s summer romance is over

Instagram: Tayler Holder

It seems as though Tayler Holder and Sommer Ray were about to make it official they were an item, but now it looks as though it could be the opposite.

The two popular TikTokkers have now unfollowed each other on Instagram, and Sommer Ray has deleted every TikTok the two were in together.

In the last few days, Tayler Holder has been posting clips of him and Sommer hugging, giving each other pecks on the cheek, and just generally getting very close.

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Fellow TikTokker Blake Gray posted a video with Sommer captioned “Sorry @itstaylerholder we had to take your girl for a sec”, and Tayler replied, “tell her I miss her.”

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On Thursday, Tayler uploaded a slideshow to Instagram of him and Sommer together captioned “She’s kinda cool.” Many of the Hype house members and friends commented: James Charles wrote “omg this is so cute imma cry,” while both Addison Rae and Dixie D’Amelio commented ‘ship.’

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Whatever romance was blossoming looks like it was very short-lived, although neither has confirmed or denied any rumors. Tayler hasn’t deleted any posts including Sommer.

On June 11, the male TikToker ambiguously tweeted, but since deleted, according to Instagram tiktokroom: “Please know your facts before assuming something about me.”

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On June 12, he tweeted: “You know what’s so amazing. Is that even when everything is going wrong in your life. God still loves you so much and is still so amazing.”

Sommer Ray is a well-known fitness model on Instagram and now TikTok star. She has amassed almost 25 million followers on Instagram and 6 million on the video app. She was formerly part of the Clout gang, and lived in what is now the Hype House.

Tayler Holder joined the Hype House in June, and boasts almost 12 million followers on the application.