Sodapoppin explains why he “doesn’t care” for fan meet and greets

Sodapoppin, YouTube

Twitch star Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris is one of the site’s biggest content creators, but he isn’t sold on the idea of meet and greets with fans, as revealed in a January broadcast.

With the rise of online entertainment, many internet stars hold meet and greets with their fanbases at big events such as TwitchCon, VidCon, PAX, etc…

Although these fan interactions can lead to some hilarious moments (as seen when one fan asked Pokimane out on a date during TwitchCon 2019), some entertainers aren’t big on these kinds of experiences.

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Sodapoppin, Twitch
Twitch star Chance “sodapoppin” Morris isn’t a fan of meet and greets, which he explained during a January broadcast.

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Sodapoppin is one such personality, as he explained his reasoning for disliking one-on-one fan meet and greets after a viewer asked him to visit his European audience.

According to Morris, he finds himself having similar conversations with his fans every time, leading to a rather boring experience for both himself and his viewers.

“I don’t care to do meet and greets, man,” he admitted. “I’ll do it every now and then, but eventually it’s just the same convo over and over. I guess I like giving back here and there, but outside of that, I personally don’t enjoy it.”

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While the streamer went on to joke about fake illicit activities at TwitchCon Europe, he likewise claimed that he doesn’t enjoy watching streamers meet their fans during live broadcasts, citing a recent fan interaction filmed on Greekgodx’s channel.

“As a viewer, I didn’t care to watch it,” he continued. “I don’t give a sh*t to see some person I don’t know get a selfie with a streamer who was trying to stream. I just don’t care to see it. I don’t give a f**k. Maybe that’s really mean.”

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Sodapoppin is somewhat known for his divisive opinions, having called out both Twitch viewers and gamers numerous times beforehand, so his latest take on meet and greets comes as little surprise to regular viewers.

Considering his desire to produce interesting streams and have genuine conversations with fans, his opinion isn’t necessarily without merit. What do you think of Sodapoppin’s take on meet and greets? Do you agree with him?

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