Fortnite pro Aydan makes mom cry with truly life-changing gift

Aydan on the phone to his mum on TwitchTwitch: Aydan

Fortnite pro and popular streamer Aydan made a life-changing call to his mom while live on Twitch and the pair both ended up crying tears of happiness as a result, overjoyed at a gift he had got for her.

Aydan rose to popularity in 2018 thanks to some major battles with Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff in Fortnite tournaments at the fabled Tilted Towers, and since then has made a steady living streaming and competing in the Battle Royale title.

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In an effort to give back, the streamer bought his mom a late Christmas present and shared the news with her during a January 22 stream.

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NICKMERCS and Aydan had some brilliant matchups both with and against each other.

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The emotional moment happened during a call with his mom, as she was away at one of her college classes. Aydan called up to share that he could give her a present now. Though she insisted she didn’t need anything as he has done enough for her, he still went on to let her know what the gift was.

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“It’s too late, mom, all of your school loans are already paid for,” he said. She tried to deny the possibility, saying it’s not a federal loan so they can’t be, but he assured his mom that he had spoken to the right people and it was all done.

After the realization dawns on her that he had really paid off her loans, you can hear her start crying down the microphone, telling someone off-screen that “my son just paid off all my school.”

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While listening to his mom in tears on the other end of the line, Aydan clearly starts getting choked up too, likely knowing the extent of how much he’s helped her get an education without the financial strain that comes with it.

After he clarifies that it could never have happened without all his viewers making everything possible, his mom left a message for them as well, saying: “I love them. Make sure to !sub and !prime,” a reference to helping Aydan get more subscribers, something which cracked him up through the tears.

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People will often say how great it feels to help those you love, and there are few examples better than this one, which makes for emotional viewing whether you’re a fan of the streamer or not.

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