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Snoop Dogg rage quits on Twitch and forgets to turn stream off

Published: 1/Mar/2021 0:34

by Bill Cooney


Twitch viewers had themselves a good laugh after Snoop Dogg rage quit during a live broadcast, but forgot to turn off his stream for over seven hours.

Snoop is as close to a living musical legend as you can get, and he’s become a big name on Twitch as well, streaming and even hosting events in his spare time.

Without a doubt, his favorite game to play is EA’s Madden series, but like most sports games there is plenty of potential there for some tilt to occur, as the rapper found out firsthand.

Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg/Instagram
Snoop might be an OG, but that isn’t enough to save you from raging at games.

After booting up his stream for a little bit of Madden on February 28, Snoop found himself down by 14 and – it didn’t seem like he was going to mount a miraculous comeback anytime soon.


After his opponent scored a third touchdown to make things 21-0, The Doggfather had seen enough of his team getting destroyed, switched off his console, and blamed the poor performance in part on the room he was playing in.

“F*** this s*** man, I came in this room and everything went bad,” he yelled before getting up and storming off. “F*** this s***.”

The console might have been switched off, but Snoop forgot one important thing: to turn off his stream, as well. As a result, while he went to go do whatever it is that Snoop Dogg does on the weekend, the stream kept on broadcasting his empty room for over seven whole hours.


There are some parts of the broadcast’s VOD where viewers can hear people talking and music in the background briefly, but it was mostly just dead air and an open chatroom… until Snoop returned later on, possibly after a few gin and juices, to finally turn it off.

It is a bit embarrassing for anyone to have a stream mishap like this happen, but the good news for Snoopy Dogg is that the clip of him rage quitting quickly racked up over 100,000 views, and his AFK stream was a great way to pad those “total hours streamed” channel stats. We see you big dogg.