Sliker has Twitch ban overturned early after “accidentally” copying graphic emote

Brad Norton
Sliker banned on Twitch

Twitch partner Sliker had his latest ban overturned early after being punished for “accidentally” copying over an explicit emote into his very own chat.

Following on from the wave of major Twitch bans in the past few days, popular English streamer Sliker was the latest to be removed from the platform.

Marking his second suspension already this year, Sliker’s latest ban appeared to come as a direct result of copying a graphic text emote into his own chat.

While at first, many assumed the banhammer was slapped down due his flirtatious AI stream on April 19, that wasn’t the case. Sliker himself took to Instagram to confirm the reason behind his latest Twitch ban.

“I got banned on Twitch for three days,” the streamer announced hours after being hit offline. “I swear [I’ve] done this by accident,” he added, showing a picture of the text emote that landed him in trouble.

“Someone typed it but I couldn’t see so I pasted it in my own chat.”

Seemingly without knowing the contents of the emote, Sliker copied it over without hesitation and had his account flagged as a result.

Evidently going against the Twitch Terms of Service, sharing a singular emote, even in his own channel, was enough for his account to be temporarily banned.

Sliker streaming on twitch
Sliker amassed a following with his energetic variety streams.

Unlike quite a considerable number of Twitch bans, however, the silver lining for Sliker was that he instantly knew the exact reason along with the duration.

Shortly after filing an appeal, Sliker managed to get his Twitch ban dropped two days early. As of April 20, he now has full access to his account once again.