What happened to Sliker? Streamer permanently banned from Twitch after scam controversy

Sliker talking to chat during Twitch livestreamTwitch: ItsSliker

Twitch permanently banned livestreamer Sliker from its site just weeks after he completed a return stream from his “scam” controversy. Sliker admitted to duping friends, streamers, and fans out of thousands of dollars before being banned.

In late September 2022 Sliker was accused of scamming thousands of dollars from various creators and fans. The streamer admitted he did it by sending tearful pleas for financial aid, often claiming his bank was locked and he had an urgent bill to pay, and promising to pay them back once he could.

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Multiple creators said they have been waiting for years to be repaid. 

In a tearful apology stream, Sliker said he was using the money to fund a crippling gambling addiction. He said he never intended to scam his fellow creators and fans, promising that he would pay back all his debts. 

During the controversy, creators called on Twitch to ban the streamer because of his actions, and to start taking cracking down on gambling streams, to which they obliged by blocking select websites on the platform.

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And now, Twitch has banned Sliker from their site altogether. Sliker previously had his partnership status revoked and subscriber button removed before the ban. 

Why was Sliker banned?

As of now, Sliker’s channel is unavailable on Twitch due to a violation of Twitch’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service.

In January 2023, Sliker’s Twitch went live for the first time since the incident. The stream only lasted for a few minutes with an anonymous mask on the screen, with the stream title “This channel is mine now” in odd lettering. Sliker claimed the channel was hacked and he wasn’t the one streaming.

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He also claimed he got banned on his alt Twitch account earlier in the day because the person behind the “hack” was reporting him for ban evasion.

In a Reddit thread, many users questioned what took Twitch so long to strike his main channel with a permanent ban.

Users speculated the ban might have been in connection to his channel being “hacked” and his alt account which he has been streaming on getting banned. 

It’s clear Sliker was interested in making a return to streaming as around the time of the hack he made a post on his Twitter account for the first time since October 2022. 

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The tweet read, “Thank you for a second chance (in life).”

For now, however, without access to his Twitch account, it appears Sliker will have to focus his efforts in a new direction.

As for those who were scammed, Ludwig and xQc promised to reimburse them.

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