Sliker returns to Twitch for first time since “scam” incident

Sliker apologizes to fans during Twitch livestream over scam allegationsTwitch: ItsSliker

ItsSliker has returned to Twitch for the first time since he was called out for scamming friends and fans out of money, and his stream was a bit out of the ordinary.

Back in September 2022, Twitch streamer ItsSliker was accused of scamming fans and fellow streamers for thousands of dollars before issuing a tearful apology.

Ludwig, xQc, and others banded together to repay all of the affected people as they called for Sliker to be banned from the platform.

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On January 26, Sliker went live on his channel for the first time since the incident, and it was a bit out of the ordinary.

Sliker returns to Twitch with weird stream

On January 26, Sliker’s channel went live displaying an anonymous mask with the stream title “This channel is mine now” in funky lettering.

There wasn’t much going on during his stream, but while it was showing the mask you could hear someone laughing in the background.

According to chat logs from Sliker during the broadcast, he claimed that the channel was “hacked” and that he wasn’t the one streaming.

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He also claimed that he got banned on his alt account earlier in the day, and the person behind the “hack” was going to report him for ban evasion.

While it’s hard to tell what exactly is happening with Sliker and his accounts, it’s clear that he’s interested in returning as he also made a post on his Twitter account for the first time since October 2022.

“Thank you for a second chance (in life),” it reads.

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We’ll keep you updated on what’s going on as more information about his return becomes available.

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