Twitch streamer threatened with “romance fraud” lawsuit from viewer

Ms Kenner/Twitch

Twitch streamer ‘Ms Kenner’ says a wealthy donor has allegedly compromised her income, threatened to dox her, and even suggested legal action all because she wouldn’t reciprocate their feelings of affection.

Donations from viewers are a large part of how smaller Twitch streamers make their money.

However, Destiny 2 streamer ‘Ms Kenner’ has shared her experiences with a generous donor who she claims has been affecting her income after she didn’t feel the same way they felt about her.

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“Every streamer should be aware of situations like this”

On April 16, Ms Kenner posted a twitlonger detailing her experiences with a certain viewer, who’s a “public figure in the music industry.”

“He was always an insane gifter and donator….” she explained. “Well, now I see he is just literally insane.”

After allegedly receiving “tons” of donations from this individual across a variety of platforms, the viewer eventually revealed they were romantically interested in the streamer.

Kenner, who has a husband and children, obviously didn’t feel the same way. This led the viewer to reportedly dispute all his PayPal transactions and Twitch donations.

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“That pushed me THOUSANDS into the negative,” Kenner said. “I have been fighting with them and today I received word that his bank decided in his favor. Now I have to pay all that back.”

Not only that – the viewer purportedly threatened her with a $5,000 lawsuit for “romance fraud,” and allegedly threatened to dox her and her family, as well.

Despite all the threats, Kenner said she was willing to fight for her income in court with her own lawyer, and on April 18 tweeted she had “made progress” on the chargebacks.

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“I have made some progress with this. The whole playout is really not something that I’m going to hash on socials,” she wrote. “Just wanted everyone to know that stuff like this is very real and protect yourselves.”

Viewers thinking a streamer owes them something for donating has been happening for years on Twitch, but Ms Kenner’s situation shows just how scary it can really get.

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