ZHC paints entire school in biggest project ever and the results are incredible

ZHC standing in front of custom muralInstagram: ZHC

YouTuber ZHC has decorated an entire school with his dedicated team of artists in his biggest project to date, and in only ten days. The results are nothing short of amazing. 

ZHC and his team of artists are constantly challenging themselves to take on bigger and bigger projects. In the past few months, they’ve worked with TikTok sensation Zach King, they’ve created a custom car for Addison Rae, and they’ve decorated an entire mansion.

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The YouTuber has racked up a huge 20 million subscribers, but he also likes to give back, often doling out massive cash prizes to subscribers, or simply just giving to random members of the public.

In his latest endeavor and his biggest project yet, ZHC took his team to a school with an underserved population of students and decorated every single room with some kind of mural. The challenge was to complete the whole building in 10 days, or else they would all have to spend 24-hours in detention.

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ZHC surrounded by his team of artistsInstagram: ZHC
ZHC said it took 3 months and 25 people to plan this project

Many of the classrooms had murals related to the subject typically studied there – the biology classroom had a huge DNA painting running around the entire perimeter, while the English classroom wall was covered in words such as “Haiku” and “Period.” Even the history classroom featured portraits of the artists themselves.

On a huge ramp running up to the school’s entrance, the team created a huge painting of outer space, the bathrooms were given a total makeover with motivational quotes, and one huge painting read “Stay in School” in bubble writing. Even the students were able to make their mark, covering a whole wall with their own doodles.

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In addition, ZHC gave giant wads of cash to students and teachers alike, even gifting the assistant principal a whopping $5,000. On top of that, entire classrooms of kids were given iPads, one of the YouTuber’s biggest fans was gifted an iPhone 12, and the Art department was given an entire room full of art supplies.

As a final touch, the whole team signed their names on top of a mural made to look like an unraveled scroll, and they celebrated the end of a project that the YouTuber said took 3 months and 25 people to plan and carry out.

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ZHC has hinted that he might be working with more schools in the future.

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