Shroud praises xQc as Twitch “kingpin” amid subscriber domination

Shroud and xQc posing on streamTwitch: Shroud/xQc

Streaming star Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek had some high praise for Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel’s success on Twitch, saying he is the “kingpin” of the platform currently. 

When it comes to picking a top dog on Twitch, there are plenty of different ways that fans can slice it. While his concurrent viewer numbers might be down, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins still has by far and away the most followers on the platform.

After him, many will point to former Overwatch League star xQc, Brazillian CS:GO personality Gaules, or Spanish streamer Ibai, seeing as they attract some of the biggest audiences whenever they go live.

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A handful of streamers have given the nod to xQc, seeing as he’s pretty versatile in his content and has produced some of Twitch’s funniest moments of the last few years. That includes Shroud, who had to tip his cap to his fellow Canadian.

xqc-unschuldigTwitch: xQc
xQC remains the number one streamer on Twitch for subs.

During his December 4 stream, the former Counter-Strike star was watching the Valorant Champions event with a few pals when they noticed his chat was being overrun with xQc emotes.

“Is everybody on Twitch subbed to xQc?” asked Justin just9n’ Ortiz. “This is f**king unreal, he has more subs in your chat than you have subs total!” They noted that xQc currently has around 90,000 subs, according to TwitchTracker – which is just over 15,000 more than the next closest streamer Kkatamina.

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“He was at like 100 and something thousand not too long ago,” Shroud noted. “He’s the f**king kingpin baby! Bananas.”

After the streamer’s attention returned to the Valorant action, one viewer pointed out that xQc is probably making around $500,000 a month just off subs alone, which teed Shroud right up.

“Hey, that McLaren has got to get paid off somehow, you know what I’m saying!” he added, referencing xQc’s new McLaren 720s Spider.

The pair very rarely link up for games together but seeing as they’re big fans of one another, who knows what might happen in the future.

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