Shroud gives perfect response to Counter-Strike 2 player whose wife just left him

Theo Burman
Shroud cs2 advice

We’ve all been in lobbies where things get a bit emotional on comms, but it’s rare that we see encounters like the one Shroud had in a Counter-Strike 2 beta match recently.

Shortly after the match began, one of the players mentioned that their wife had just left them. When Shroud asked him to elaborate on the situation, the floodgates opened, and the player revealed some serious ongoing family issues.

The player said: “I have a twelve-month-old daughter, my wife just decided to leave with her ex, she decided that she loved him more, and walked out.”

In disbelief, Shroud asked: “She took all of your sh*t?”

The player then responded: “No, I let her take her stuff, she came and took her stuff.”

Shroud, who was surprised at how quickly things had escalated in the conversation, said: “Things just got too real. This got too real, too fast.”

The player said that he was frustrated that his wife hadn’t given a reason for leaving him, and was confused as to how things had ended up this way.

Nevertheless, he also said he was committed to taking the higher path, and didn’t want to lash out at his wife.

“I guess if I knew if I did something, you know what I mean, then it’d be alright, but I never really got a reason. Take the higher road, you know?”

Several other players in the match offered support, with one saying: “You’re better off, brother”.

However, it was Shroud who gave the best response. After several seconds of thoughtful insight, he said: “Well hey, at least you have the Counter-Strike 2 beta.”

Shroud was playing the Counter-Strike 2 beta in preparation for its release this summer, after Valve dropped the surprise announcement.

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