s1mple ghosted Valve after devs reached out to discuss Counter-Strike 2’s “problems”

Jeremy Gan
s1mple at IEM Riot

S1mple revealed he ghosted Valve after the devs reached out to discuss Counter-Strike 2’s “problems” amid vocal complaints. 

As Counter-Strike 2’s first LAN event goes to its playoffs stage at IEM Sydney, much has been said about the state of the game from pros and casual players alike. 

Questions surrounding its competitive readiness have been raised, as the new release has faced various issues from false bans and game-breaking bugs which have all been plaguing the experience early on. 

And amidst the first month of the game’s full release, one the greatest CS players in history, Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyljev, has been perhaps CS2’s biggest critic leading up to its first big event.

As s1mple recounted during a recent stream, when asked if Valve ever reached out to him about his opinions of CS2, he confirmed they indeed have. However, he chose not to reply back. 

He revealed that Valve did reach out regarding one particular tweet he made, telling players not to pursue being a pro in CS2 due to the state of the game and to wait until further updates which would fix the issues. 

“They sent me the tweet that I wrote… and they were like ‘what’s the issues?” However, s1mple chose not to respond to Valve’s questions. 

“You know what I did? I never answered them back. How can you ask me what the issues is if the f***ing whole internet, whole Twitter, is writing about the issues? You don’t see the f***ing issue?”

At IEM Sydney, s1mple is not present as part of NAVI’s very first CS2 tournament due to Visa issues. Despite that, NAVI still won their very first match, however, would go on to be eliminated at the group stage. 

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