Counter-Strike 2 players are sick of “laggy” servers ruining the game

Josh Taylor
Counter-Strike 2 players furious about serversCounter-Strike 2

CS2 players have had enough of Counter-Strike 2’s “broken” servers as fans have become increasingly frustrated and asked for them to be fixed immediately.

Counter-Strike 2 was fully released on September 27 after it went through numerous months of testing in the CS2 beta.

CSGO’s sequel came along with an overhaul of new features, including a whole new Sub-Tick system designed to improve the servers for smoother gameplay.

However, fans were left disappointed in the beta and instead cried out for Valve to ditch their 64-tick CS2 servers for the widely preferred 128 ticks.

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Now, with Counter-Strike 2 having been fully released, players are still being left furious by the servers that are “ruining” their matches.

Counter-Strike 2 fans have had enough of “broken” servers

Many CS2 players have expressed their frustration with the game’s server across social media showing them being eliminated without seeing their opponents or dying moments after a gunfight.

One player in particular has highlighted how the servers gave a strong “peekers advantage” to an enemy player who wiped him out before he even saw him, due to server delay on their side.

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After they killed one, another user killed them instantly from behind the wall, who you only see for a split second after they had died.

With the player being on “10 ping” which has been widely considered as exceptionally low and therefore the player’s connection to the server should be fast, the community has been left in uproar.

They have cried out for Valve to “fix” the Counter-Strike 2 servers, which numerous people have said are worse than CSGO.

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“Honestly how are you supposed to hold anything as CT with this sh*t happening,” one player responded. “This is getting tiring, I feel like there’s always some guy running around a bend with AK or M4 and getting a running headshot on me.”

“Honestly this is the worst example I’ve seen of peeker’s advantage in any game.”

At the time of writing, Valve has not made any further announcements or updates regarding their servers.

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