Hooxi calls for nerf to Counter-Strike 2’s new smoke feature: “I am not a fan”

Declan Mclaughlin
Counter-Strike 2 smokes

Counter-Strike 2 has been in limited beta testing for only a few days and some pros already have some thoughts on what should be changed, like G2 IGL Rasmus ‘HooXi’ Nielsen who has called for a nerf to the game’s new smoke feature.

Counter-Strike 2 has introduced revamped smoke grenades to the FPS genre as Valve has now made them volumetric, as well as interactable with bullets and grenades. With only a few games in the game’s limited beta period, G2 IGL HooXi is already calling for a nerf, and changes in general, to the new mechanic.

In a Twitlonger about his thoughts on the new game, the veteran CS:GO pro ranked the game in a number of categories, map design, sound, and utility. For utility, the pro specifically mentioned smoke grenades and said that the change is “a bit too much.”

“It will change the way CS is played forever and you have to be very careful when changing fundamental parts of CS that have been there since the beginning,” HooXi said.

“I am not a fan and I hope they come up with something else or just remove this completely and this is not just me being your typical CS player that hates change I put a lot of thought into it, I tried and I am coming to the same conclusion over and over.”

Counter-Strike 2 smoke changes might be a little controversial

HooXi explains that he likes the idea of carving out windows of vision with gunfire, and that it is a good way to remove one-way smokes and other smoke-related bugs from CS:GO, but that the mechanic makes the smoke disappear too quickly. He says it takes “3-4 seconds” to clear the new smokes.

While HooXi had problems with smokes in Counter-Strike 2, he overall liked the new game and the other updates. He gave the new title, which is still in its beta period, an overall 8/10.

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