Shroud explains why Valorant aim is “uncomfortable” compared to CSGO

Shroud Valorant aim vs CSTwitch: Shroud, Riot Games

Former CS:GO star turned Twitch legend Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek is no stranger to Valorant, however in a recent video he’s criticized the game’s aiming system.

While Valorant’s Future Earth appears to have breathed new life into ex-CS:GO pro shroud, it’s pretty apparent that the Twitch sensation has his issues with the game.

Despite this, he’s encouraged CS pros to make the switch to Valorant because of the high wage packet associated with the title.

There are some aspects of his former love that he appears to miss, though, and that’s the aiming system.

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Shroud has become the go-to man for all things FPS.

Shroud says Valorant aiming is “uncomfortable”

Playing Valorant for the first time can be a pretty daunting experience for anyone, but despite ploughing a multitude of hours into the game, shroud still finds the aim system pretty awkward to handle.

Seen tearing his way through Bind as Aussie eco warrior Skye, he appears to miss a perfect headshot on the enemy Reyna. When asked about it, he goes on to compare the title with CS:GO.

“How was that not a headshot? Dude in this game you’ve got to aim so high. It’s uncomfortable. It’s actually uncomfortable how high you have to aim. In CS you aim much lower,” he said.

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This becomes an issue later in the game, where he misses what seems like an easy series of shots on the Mexican menace once more. Noting that he was “not aiming high enough again bro, I’m shooting like, her hips” he goes on to say “I thought I was good, I thought the head level was there. It was not. Not at all.”

As the game progresses, it’s pretty obvious that this issue is really starting to get on shroud’s nerves. Riot have listened to feedback about Valorant in the past and subsequently implemented it, but it’ll be interesting to see if a fix comes through for the game’s aim system.

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Until then, both shroud and other players will need to get used to aiming a little bit higher than we’re used to in other FPS titles.