Server sparks debate on TikTok after keeping customer’s change

TikToker quits job after assuming change was his to keep, sparks debateTikTok: Yezusyikes/Pixabay

A restaurant server on TikTok has sparked a debate between users in the comments after revealing he kept a customer’s change, assuming they didn’t want it back.

Oftentimes when customers at a restaurant pay with cash, they request that the server keep the change as a tip for their service.

So when TikToker yezusyikes’ customer handed him cash for their meal, he assumed that they didn’t want their change back.

Admitting that was wrong to assume, he uploaded a video to TikTok explaining what happened after the customers got angry.

TikToker keeps customers change, sparks debate between viewers

In the video, Yezus reveals that the customer asked for their change back, but after checking various sections of the store he was unable to find change.

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When he went to return to the customer, he found that they called over the manager who repaid them with a gift card.

The manager then asked the TikToker to repay the money out of his own pocket, to which he responded by quitting his job.

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Users quickly took to the comments with their thoughts on the situation, sparking a debate.

One user commented: “If they gave you the money, what’s the problem with giving your manager the entire amount back? Gift card or not the money doesn’t go to you.”

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Another said: “I’m confused. Is this guy not completely in the wrong? Yes, they should have tipped but he just assumed it was his money?”

“When it rains it pours. You will get a better job! Keep your head up,” a third user explained.