Dallas Cowboys recruit Post Malone, TimTheTatman to troll Jake Paul, Ninja & others

Hunter Haas
The Dallas Cowboys expertly trolled several celebrities during the 2024 NFL regular season schedule reveal

The Dallas Cowboys revealed their 2024 NFL regular season schedule by using Post Malone and TimTheTatman to prank several high-profile celebrity fans.

May 15 was the official schedule release for all 32 NFL franchises. As such, most teams used social media to announce the upcoming slate of games.

The Los Angeles Chargers were among the first to start this trend. In previous years, they’ve used anime-style reveals, along with a Sims-inspired video reveal this off-season.

But the Cowboys took it a step further. They got artist Post Malone, streamer TimTheTatman, team owner Jerry Jones, and many others to FaceTime unsuspecting fans.

The first person to answer the call was boxing star Jake Paul. Dallas will play the Cleveland Browns in Week 1, which happens to be the hometown of the 27-year-old.

Paul, who will fight Mike Tyson in Cowboys Stadium on July 20, was confused as Malone and Co. stared menacingly. Then, it dawned on him that he was part of the schedule reveal.

Ninja, a well-known Detroit Lions fan, didn’t know what to say while answering the call. All he could muster up in response was, “What the f**k?”

Rap artist Saweetie, decked out in San Francisco 49ers gear, had a knee-slapping remark of her own, asking the stone-faced callers why they “look like The Purge.”

Then, comedians Shane Gillis and Joe Rogan made a hilarious appearance from the sauna when the call came through for the Week 10 matchup vs. Philadelphia.

Gillis and Rogan’s fellow comedian, Bert Kreischer, was overcome with laughter during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers reveal. He even asked, “Am I being drafted?” on the call.

But the standout clip came from TikTok star That “One Mailman,” as the diehard Bengals fan answered with his trademark cadence, asking, “Hey, little stinker booty! What is y’all doing?”

Other than social media personalities, a few former athletes appeared in the video, including Giants quarterback Eli Manning, Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco, and Lions Hall of Famer Calvin ‘Megatron’ Johnson.

The Cowboys’ social media team did a masterful job with the 2024 regular season schedule reveal. It’ll certainly be a difficult one to top next year.

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