Second “not real” plane video goes viral as man tries to escape Ryanair flight

Michael Gwilliam
man goes viral for yelling at not reason person on flight

Just days after a woman went viral for screaming at a “not real” person onboard a plane, a man is making waves online for having a similar outburst.

On July 4, a woman was filmed having what some believed to be a “hallucination” on a plane, screaming about someone.

The footage soon spread like wildfire across social media, eventually resulting in the person she was going on about being identified and revealing himself in a TikTok video.

Now, another incident is going viral with a man completely freaking out and yelling at someone who may not even be real.

Second “not real” plane video takes the internet by surprise

On July 6, a Twitter user named ‘drloupis’ posted a video of a man onboard a Ryanair flight going wild and yelling at an unknown person before being restrained.

“A British man was allegedly disturbed so badly by the passenger sitting next to him on a plane, that he tried to open the door of the plane and leave,” he captioned the viral clip. “First a woman in US now this. What is going on?”

According to news reports, the incident happened on July 1, a few days before the other woman’s viral plane video.

The man in question is reportedly a British boxer was returning from Croatia’s Hideout festival and the woman filming believed he was either drunk or under the influence of drugs.

As he demanded staff open the door, two passengers restrained him and he was eventually arrested. However, the flight had to be delayed two hours as a result.

“This flight from Zadar to London Stansted returned to the stand when an individual passenger became disruptive while preparing for takeoff. The passenger was removed from the aircraft by local police,” Ryanair said in a statement.

Amazingly, these are hardly the first wild plane clips to go viral recently. Earlier this year, two men brawled on a Southwest flight after a man’s wife was bumped into.