Woman goes viral for bizarre outburst and hallucination on plane

Woman giving a speech in the middle of an airplane's alleyTwitter: @barstoolsports

A woman has gone viral after a video showcasing her giving a very confusing and panicked speech to other passengers on a plane hit TikTok and Twitter.

Tweet featuring a video with an unusual situation from July 4 has picked up over 4.2 million views. In the footage, a woman is making her way toward the front of the plane while warning the other passengers of some kind of threat.

The woman in the video claims that she is getting off because somebody in the back of the plane “is not real” and that the rest of the passengers can “die with him” or get off.

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If this sounds confusing, it’s probably because it is, it’s unclear what threat the woman was talking about but she looks convincingly frightened in the video.

Twitter reacts to a woman getting off a plane after confusing outburst

The video was originally posted by knuckelslawncare on TikTok, however, it has been restricted to viewers in the US. That has prompted reposts on Twitter.

Twitter users in the comments were mostly confused by the outlandish situation, with many of them wondering what caused the woman to panic.

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“The real question is, did the plane make it to its destination safely? Did anyone ask her to describe the man she saw? I got more questions than answers her,” reads one of the replies to a Tweet reposting the clip.

Others were commenting that no matter how baffling and confusing the situation at hand, they would get off the plane just in case.

“I’d hop off that plane so fast, haha. I’ve seen too many final destinations,” wrote one user. And another agrees by stating: “Lol same. Just in case.”

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Curiously, TikTok and Twitter seem to be outputting a lot of such videos lately, just last month another video went viral featuring a woman who got kicked off a plane after spitting on other passengers for no apparent reason.

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