Passengers fight on Southwest flight after man’s wife gets bumped into

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A couple of passengers onboard a Southwest airline flight began trading blows after one of the men involved bumped into another man’s wife.

Traveling by plane can be a very nerve-racking experience as is, but one flight became extra disturbing after a pair of men started fighting way up in the sky over the United States.

On March 6, a couple of men onboard a flight from Dallas to Phoenix got heated when the wife of one of the men was accidentally bumped into, beginning the brouhaha.

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Another passenger filmed the confrontation, which ended up needing staff to intervene and stop the chaotic battle that began to resemble the opening scene from The Dark Knight Rises.

Passengers brawl on Southwest flight

In the crazy footage, a taller man put his opponent in a headlock before firing off a powerful punch that rattled everyone onboard.

A few moments later, the man who did the punching claimed that his on-flight rival, “approached me aggressively with my family.”

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Despite flight attendants wanting to stop the commotion and trying to get the man back to his heat, he continued to cry and explain his situation to no avail.

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“I will sit down in jail for you approaching my family!” he yelled. “I will die for my family. So that’s why I beat your ass!”

According to OutKick, both men were taken away by Dallas police, but amazingly neither ended up being arrested. It’s not clear if any of the other passengers were issued refunds for the unwanted in-flight entertainment.

This latest fiasco comes after a series of other fights have gone viral recently. Most notably, a Taco Bell became a warzone and a bar brawl ended in disaster when a car ran over a woman.

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