Summit1g shocked as window is smashed live on stream

Joe Craven

Twitch streamer Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar experienced a scary moment while streaming on May 18, after a boy playing with a football accidentally broke one of his windows.

Summit has long been one of the biggest streamers on Twitch, currently sitting as the 5th most followed channel on the streaming platform. He has recently experienced another surge in popularity through a return to Grand Theft Auto V, regularly doing role-play streams, while maintaining a high standard of gameplay on countless other games.

While streaming on May 18, viewers were shocked when, seemingly out of nowhere, a loud smash was audible, and summit quickly removed his headset and went to investigate.

RockstarSummit was playing GTA V for thousands of viewers when the incident happened.

After the smash, summit disappeared for a considerable amount of time, leaving many members of Twitch chat speculating what had happened.

Suggestions varied from burglary to ‘swatting’ – the act of pretending there is a police emergency at a streamer’s home so they are raided by a SWAT team live.

Once summit returned though, he was quick to clear up the situation. “Some kid threw a football and broke my window,” he explained. “He like, came over with his dad, ya-da-ya-da-ya-da. And I told him it was okay.”

Viewers were impressed with how calmly summit responded to the situation, particularly given the fact many of his Twitch chat were quick to assume the worst.

Once the situation was resolved, summit returned to entertaining his viewers and streamed for another 9 hours, showing he wasn’t too phased by the incident, and wasn’t too angry about the smashed window.

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