Sam Smith under fire after viral TikTok shows fan ‘attacked’ by singer’s friends

TikTok: __.sheima / YouTube: British Vogue

Music artist Sam Smith is under fire after a viral TikTok showed a fan approaching the singer and their friends — only to be insulted and her phone knocked away.

As one of the net’s most popular social media platforms, TikTok is often the first place where content goes viral… although not all of this content is particularly wholesome.

A fan of English singer-songwriter Sam Smith has found herself going viral on the app, although the reason for her online fame isn’t something viewers are finding particularly enjoyable.

The video shows TikToker ‘Sheima’ excitedly approaching Sam Smith, who was enjoying a night out on the town with a large group of their friends.

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Sam Smith under fire viral TikTokYouTube: SAM SMITH
English singer-songwriter Sam Smith is coming under fire due to a fan’s viral TikTok.

Sam Smith under fire after fan interaction goes viral on TikTok

“Sam Smith, I love you!” the TikToker says, holding up her phone for a potential selfie with the ‘La La La’ singer.

However, it doesn’t look like Smith’s friend group was interested in hosting the fan. One member of the group immediately shouted, “Shut the f**k up, ya bum b***h,” before trying to slap her phone out of her hand.

“Take the video off!” the person continued as the group meandered away.

“What the f**k?” the TikToker asked, dumbfounded. “I just wanted to say hi.”

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A second video appears to show Smith telling her to “Shut up,” although it’s unclear if the singer is speaking or not.

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Her video has racked up over two million views after being posted on December 3, and viewers are not happy with Smith’s friends, nor the singer’s inaction regarding the events that happened during the video.

However, other commenters have come to Smith’s defense, noting that the artist may not have wanted to be recorded while having a private outing with friends.

Sam Smith TikTok comment 1

Sam Smith TikTok comment 2

Sam smith TikTok comment 3

Smith has yet to make a public response to the matter at the time of writing.