VTuber Ouro Kronii to join players’ teams in Hololive x Valkyrie Connect collab

VTuber Ouro KroniiAteam

Hololive is teaming up with Valkyrie Connect for a collaboration event, and VTuber Ouro Kronii is set to appear in the game.

Online JRPG Valkyrie Connect has been available on mobile and PC platforms now for a good few years. They have accrued a dedicated fanbase with their free-to-play system, cute characters, and engaging, battle-focused gameplay.

Many fans of the role-playing game are also frequent viewers of other Japanese-inspired content, from anime to VTubing streamers. It is no wonder then, that the cross between games like Valkyrie Connect and other similar content is noticed by developers.

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Valkyrie Connect is no stranger to collaboration events, often teaming up with other companies like the renowned VTuber agency Hololive. Ateam has just announced their second collab with the streaming company, revealing that Ouro Kronii will be one of the VTubers involved.

Hololive’s Ouro Kronii set to appear in Valkyrie Connect

The team behind JRPG Valkyrie Connect took to Twitter to announce its collaboration event with Hololive on April 27. This is by no means the mobile game’s first time partnering up with the renowned VTuber agency. They have previously hosted a similar event in-game, meaning that this will be their second rodeo.

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There will be four VTubers from Hololive present in Valkyrie Connect during the collaboration event. Ouro Kronii was revealed as one of the confirmed streamers making an appearance, with Ateam showcasing her event-exclusive outfit.

In a livestream discussing the collaboration event, Ateam confirmed that the Hololive characters would be free to obtain. They also revealed that Houshou Marine, another VTuber, would be one of the four in-game characters.

While no specific date for the event has been given, Valkyrie Connect’s second collaboration with Hololive will take off some time this May. It will feature a blend of VTubers from Hololive’s Japanese agency, as well as their English-language one.

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