NIJISANJI VTuber Fulgur Ovid takes break from streaming due to health

Anna Koselke
VTuber Fulgur Ovid

One of NIJISANJI’s VTubers, Fulgur Ovid, has just been confirmed to be on hiatus due to personal health reasons.

There are few trending career paths out there experiencing a boom in popularity quite like VTubing is, and it isn’t hard to see why. Fans love the adorable, anime-like avatars the streamers use to represent themselves, as well as their quirky personalities.

Streaming and working as a VTuber, just like doing any job, can quickly take its toll on content creators. This rings especially true if the streamer is suffering from unrelated personal circumstances, whether those be in regard to their family life or their health.

NIJISANJI‘s beloved VTuber Fulgur Ovid had seemingly taken a mysterious break from his role, only for the agency itself to later chime in to confirm that the streamer was on hiatus. Fulgur is said to be struggling with his health, but he has assured fans that he will eventually return.

VTuber Fulgur Ovid’s hiatus announced by NIJISANJI

On April 24, Fulgur Ovid took to Twitter to announce that he would be taking a short break due to personal reasons. He did not specify much more, instead simply stating that he will follow up next with a Tweet once he is ready with a new schedule.

At that point, the streamer had only cancelled his zatsudan streams, or streams in which the audience can directly engage with the VTuber. This would not, however, be the end of his break.

NIJISANJI, the VTubing agency that Fulgur streams with, followed up on May 2 by Tweeting that the streamer was officially going on a hiatus. They specified a bit more than Fulgur had initially, citing his health as the reason for the more extensive break from activity.

Fans and fellow VTubers alike responded to the announcement, sharing their love for the streamer and hope that he recovers soon. Many expressed concern over his health while also taking comfort in the fact that he was stepping away from work to focus on his health as necessary.

Some wrote to thank him for the update while others simply commented, “Get well soon.” The situation is reminiscent of Ironmouse’s, as she had opened up about her struggles with physical health and wellbeing.

Responding similarly, Ironmouse‘s fans wanted to see her thrive rather than simply survive. Many donated to charities for the immunocompromised while others stuck up for her, stating that the most important thing would always be her well-being.

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