VTuber fighting game lets fans battle as Korone, Fubuki, more popular streamers

Jeremy Gan
Splash art of Idol Showdown

A fan-made VTuber fighting game lets you battle as your favorite Hololive streamers such as Korone, Fubuki, Coco, and more. 

Fans of VTubers can be quite the dedicated bunch. From thousands of fanart, cosplays, even modding them into games, the fandom is always pushing the envelope. However, a particular group of game devs who are quite clearly fans of Hololive decided to make an entire fan game around them. 

Titled Idol Showdown, created by Besto Game Team, it features eight Hololive talents as fighters you can use, each with their own unique skill sets. 

The game bills itself in its Steam description as “the definitive fan-made Hololive fighting game experience”. And it instantly shot up to the top of Steam’s store page just four days into its release. 

The devs state that the game took two years to create, and it very much shows in the final product. The game takes heavy inspiration from high-paced fighting games such as Guilty Gear.

The title also features a story mode for players to sink their teeth in, which has a plethora of references to inside jokes and memes from the Hololive community. 

And most surprisingly for an indie game, it has an online mode that implements rollback netcode to make the game as competitively viable as possible.

Despite not being affiliated with Hololive and using their characters for the game, it’s quite clear the VTubers themselves and the talent agency are alright with it, as many of them have checked it out in their streams. 

Sakura Miko checked out the game, and funnily found herself not as a playable character, but as a supporting character who falls and stumbles towards the enemies. Which is very fitting of her VTuber personality. 

And various other VTubers such as Amelia Watson, Gawr Gura, and Oozora Subaru may not feature as playable characters, they do all make an appearance either as a background character or a support. 

The game is completely free and available for download on Steam.

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