Roman Reigns threatens MrBeast and KSI during WWE Crown Jewel title match

roman reigns wins crown jewel

During a close match between WWE Superstar Roman Reigns and internet personality Logan Paul, the WWE Universal Champion took a moment to threaten YouTubers MrBeast and KSI who may attempt to join the wrestling world.

Influencer boxing has recently been all the rage as the largest internet celebrities are taking to the ring to settle their differences. Pioneered by KSI and Logan Paul, this subgenre of combat sports has viewers speculating about their dream matchups and draws in hundreds of thousands of ticket sales per event.

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And while his younger brother Jake Paul is attempting to paint himself as a real, bonified professional boxer; Logan Paul has diverged from that path in order to make a name for himself in the WWE. And in an unprecedented turn of events, the eldest Paul brother secured a title match after just two fights.

He had Roman Reigns in his sights – the current WWE Universal Champion – but many spectators didn’t believe Paul had earned the shot at a title. Paul ended up falling short at the end of an electric matchup, and Reigns had a few words to share with any YouTubers tempted to take their own shot at the WWE.

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Roman Reigns calls out MrBeast and KSI

In the middle of the match, Reigns ended up getting Logan Paul into a hold which gave him enough time to deliver a few words to the camera. While wrestlers don’t normally get the opportunity to share verbal messages during matches, his words couldn’t have come at a better time.

While Logan struggled to break free from Reigns’ grip, Roman locked eyes with the camera and stated, “We’re putting an end to this. This is it, right here. Ain’t no more YouTubers coming over here, anymore. This is the last YouTuber you’re ever gonna see on the WWE.

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He went on to specifically call out KSI and MrBeast, but Logan barked back with his own taunts – despite being in a painful hold. “Not true!” Paul shouted. “We coming, baby!”

Of course, viewers already know that Roman Reigns would eat his words just a few moments later when Jake Paul made his own WWE debut. He and his brother teamed up to take out the Usos who attempted to disrupt the match.

And although Logan ended up losing the match, the bout showcased his skill and athleticism as a wrestler, and it further proved exactly why Triple H believes the young man will be pivotal for the future of the wrestling business.

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