Triple H wants Logan Paul’s help to take WWE in “new direction” after Vince McMahon exit

Ryan Lemay
Logan Paul having his hand raised inside WWE ring

Logan Paul officially joined the WWE in July, quickly becoming a must-watch superstar. Paul interviewed the new leader of WWE creative, Triple H, on his Impaulsive podcast.

Paul dazzled in his SummerSlam, and the budding superstar claimed wrestling is his “calling.” WWE superstar, The Miz hailed Paul as the “fastest natural talent” he’s ever seen in the WWE.

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon stepped down in June amid an investigation of alleged misconduct. McMahon served as chairman since initially purchasing the company in 1982. The WWE appointed Triple H on July 25 as the new head of creative duties.

Triple H wrestled for 20 years and held several executive positions before taking over as the lead man. The wrestling legend and Logan Paul plan to take the WWE in a “new direction” following McMahon’s retirement.

Logan Paul and Triple H discuss the WWE’s future

Logan Paul shined during his SummerSlam performance.

Triple H appeared on Pauls’s August 2 podcast. The pair discussed several wrestling questions, and Triple H revealed his honest reaction when the WWE first mentioned Paul.

Paul said, “there is a really interesting opportunity to do some sh*t that has not been done before.” He offered to pitch ideas, and Triple H was receptive to the idea of Paul giving input.

The WWE Hall of Famer responded, “I will say this about Vince. Massive shoes I could never dream of filling. The gap there at this moment is massive, but the opportunity to take it in a direction never gone before is massive, and I am thrilled for that opportunity. “

Triple H claimed that the current level of WWE fan interaction, following, dedication, and passion is unmatched by any other sport or form of entertainment.

Moving the company in a new direction begins with recruiting. Triple H emphasized the roles of NXT and NXT Level Up in training the next generation. The WWE is also recruiting college athletes more than ever.

Fans have plenty of reasons to be excited about the future promised by Triple H and Logan paul.